Valve Servicing

We are widely known for our industrial valve servicing and certification.

Our main speciality is the overhaul of relief valves in all types of service and mediums, plus we offer full boiler valve or pressure vessel valve overhaul from blow-downs through to level control.

We can provide replacement valves for most styles if the existing ones cannot be fixed or you want to upgrade. We often do this work during maintenance shutdowns for companies to the tight timeframes they may require and always deliver on time.

The relief valves can be issued with a certificate when they leave our workshop or for those with a demand for ISO this can be provided in conjunction with Stork Technical Services. They are a stand-alone and independent inspection company who we believe offers the ultimate protection to the end user as opposed to in house testing and the discrepancies that this can bring about.

Talk to us to find out if we can service your style of valves for your next up and coming shutdown and perhaps Stork for your full pressure vessel testing needs.

Repairs / Replacements

Our machine shop can repair or manufacture replacement parts where the lack of availability demands the need. This can mean you are up and running smoothly with the minimum interruption to your plant.